Health Counselling for Women

“Improving Health and Changing Behaviour”

This is a service for women who want to improve their health and lifestyle and achieve behaviour change principally in relation, for example, to alcohol consumption, smoking, diet and nutrition or physical activity. The aim of the service is to support women to identify and then pursue required behaviour change in their chosen area of health improvement.
The approach used focuses on providing support for self directed identification and securing of necessary changes in personal behaviour, lifestyles and habits in these areas, to improve physical and mental health.
If clients wish, participation in healthy lifestyle counselling can be linked to taking a “rest, renewal and reflection break” for women at Suzanna Hopwood’s farmhouse at Pischiano near Sansepolcro in Eastern Tuscany -
Deciding to explore "healthy lifestyle" issues and choosing a health counsellor with whom to do this are intensely personal and sensitive processes. Suzanna therefore offers all potential clients a free "no obligation" consultation to assist them both in making these decisions and in deciding whether or not to request her assistance.
An Example
In this instance the client was an active, intelligent single woman in her late thirties with considerable personal insight, who had "healthy lifestyle"  issues with food. She was heavily into exercise, neither over nor under weight, a non smoker and modest drinker but her attitude to food bothered her in that it was driven by both irrational "comfort" cravings and complete inability to portion control.  Over the course of several sessions she was able to focus on what lay behind this behaviour. (Essentially a rather time constrained, irregular & extended working hours, delayed lunch breaks working and lifestyle which meant that she was always either grazing or filling up on cheese, chocolate and takeaways because she was hungry and didn't have the time or inclination to cook). While it is not possible, to claim that as a result of this counselling she was a changed woman, she did acknowledge a new insight into what she was doing and a recognition that if she sustained such eating habits and became less active she would be in trouble with significant weight gain as she got older. She also vowed to ensure that she always had easily prepared foods to hand in the fridge rather than just blocks of cheese and that she would adopt portion control rather than piling her plate full at every opportunity !!
What Clients say.........
“Suzanna is intelligent and talented, a pleasure to know and work with. She relates with honesty and elegance and her willingness to help can not be doubted. A highly skilled person who works with attention and care, seriousness and playfulness. I strongly believe in what she is doing and I thank for all her help.”
Annamaria P
"I was very relieved when I met Suzanna as I knew that she would be the perfect women's health counsellor for me. She has an inate ability to inspire and motivate and she is very genuine and caring. I was able to discuss issues with her and I never felt judged. The fact that she has experience of management was a bonus for me as she could fully understand the link between the stress of working in a public sector setting and over-eating. She helped me to recognise the link and realise that I couldn't address one without addressing the other. The ideas she gave me were small and achievable; even though I haven't made great strides with my weight as yet I have been able to make small changes and I am still motivated by Suzanna's insights and suggestions"
Heather L