Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring are powerful processes which give individuals the benefit of one to one focus and attention from a mentor/coach to assist them to clarify their thoughts, aspirations and plans for themselves, their organizations or both.

The relationship provides a safe and confidential environment within which the client is able to explore issues, possibilities, ideas, opinions and potential courses of action.
An executive mentor/coach, must therefore be a suitably skilled and experienced person, in order to provide the necessary support and assist their client effectively.
All our Associates who provide executive coaching and mentoring support are experienced mentors as well as being very experienced senior managers in their own right.
This is a powerful and necessary combination of skills which in our view is critical to ensuring that clients receive the quality of assistance and outcomes they require from executive coaching and mentoring.
In this context Suzanna is also particularly interested in working with clients from the LGBT community in order to provide a specifically “LGBT user friendly” executive coaching/mentoring service.
Choosing an executive coach or mentor is a very personal process. Suzanna therefore offers all potential clients a free "no obligation" consultation to assist them in deciding whether or not coaching or mentoring is what they require and whether or not they wish to ask her to provide it.
An Example
Ms X, a highly respected professional in her field was being forced to resign her post as a chief officer in a local authority, (through no fault of her own) and as a result was having to manage both the damage to her self confidence and sense of self worth and the need to find alternative employment urgently. The mentoring relationship which was sustained over the course of several months as she carefully "disengaged" herself from her post on her own terms and moved on, provided her with support and help to analyse the "political" rather than the personal reasons behind her forced removal and enabled her to reflect and test out the options for moving on. She quickly and successfully re-established herself while sustaining her provenance as a respected professional.
What Clients say.......
“Suzanna was the perfect mentor for someone like me who likes to please whilst at the same time resists anyone telling me what to do, even if it is for my own good. She got the measure of me quickly, firmly and kindly leading me into the direction of positive change, without me feeling imposed upon. She was the perfect guide…..”
Jo B
“Our mentoring sessions continue to have a significant influence in my thinking and planning.”
Jan B
" Jim you are a truly remarkable man.  Your assistance and support has been invaluable."  
Nana A