Welcome to Suzanna Hopwood Associates

At a time of significant economic and institutional change in our country, particularly in the public and not for profit sectors, we offer assistance to people responsible for initiating and managing change and transformation in their organisations or who as individuals, are seeking to adjust to change in their professional or personal lives.

We do this by  focussing on providing high quality and highly cost effective, interim and project management support and executive coaching and mentoring services

Our response to our clients' requirements is based on provision of a professional and an individual service by a carefully selected group of highly professional and high calibre senior Associates who are motivated by a commitment to provision of high quality public services and support for equality and diversity in delivery of those services

Our Associates have practical experience at senior level of resolving real and complex strategic and operational problems in organisations. They bring capability and capacity to tackling and resolving problems, managing risk and pursuing quality balanced against the need to secure value for money.
Moreover our Associates know through direct and personal experience what it takes to initiate, manage, accomplish or simply adjust successfully to change and transformation both personally and professionally.
Our associate framework with its negligible overheads also gives our clients the benefit of much lower costs than conventional approaches to sourcing support.  
In addition our associate "umbrella" approach enables us to offer prospective clients the opportunity of having an initial "no obligation" consultation with one of  our Associates in order to assist them to define and specify their requirements and to enable them to decide whether or not we can assist them
Finally, in addition to support for organisations, we also provide support for individuals. This includes healthy lifestyle counselling and support for women, a particular interest and commitment to providing executive coaching and mentoring support for clients in the LGBT community and last but not least, we offer the opportunity to experience “rest and renewal” breaks at a Farmhouse in eastern Tuscany.
Do take a minute or so to read more about our services and we look forward to hearing from you if you think we can assist you.
Best wishes
Suzanna Hopwood